Monday, June 4, 2012

PTL we finally made it!

Jambo!! After two long 8 and a half hour flights and hours driving/waiting, we finally made it to Nairobi!! It is so amazing to be here finally and it's been wonderful already! 

We're just leaving Dallas about to start this adventure! Little did we know how much flying and time (30 something hours) we would spend traveling! All of it was so so worth it!

Hannah and I finally met Liz our third team member! She is just the greatest and we are so glad we're all together! This is sweet Victor, who says he is going to be our driver, dad, body guard, bestie for the next four weeks. He is so nice and has the biggest smile ever, we love him already!! We found out we will be in an apartment for the month so we went grocery shopping... STRUGGLE. Good thing Victor is so nice and patient and helped us the whole time! 

This is just a little bit of the slum in Nairobi we will be working. Our compound has 400 children is so great! It's called the Baptist Community Center and is sponsored by Buckner. It is a school/self sustaining farm/med clinic that serves and houses children and orphans in this community, provides water/fresh food/medical services to everyone in the area as well. So wonderful and I can't believe I will be working here for a whole month! The Lord is going to do great things in this ministry and has blessed us so much so far! Tomorrow is our first day to start working at the BCC and cannot wait to share great stories to come!!!!

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