Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I can't believe that tomorrow I'll be leaving for this month journey in Kenya. The Lord has blessed every part of my preparation for this trip and He has been so faithful in opening doors throughout all this! It seems that not too long ago it was my freshman year of college, where I first felt called to Africa and I found myself in Ethiopia (why I first started this blog!). Again the desire to return was put on my heart this year, and here I am! About to leave for four weeks to serve and love the people of Kenya well. 

My suitcase is all the way filled and so is my heart as I'm saying my goodbyes today! I'm full of much excitement as I will be sharing the good news of the gospel to the people of Kenya SO soon! Sometimes I find myself preparing to bring God to Kenya, into the homes and hearts of Nairobi. Yesterday, I was reminded again that God is already there! He has been dwelling in the hearts and lives of the people of Kenya, and I'm not bringing Him into this country because He has presence has long been there! I am so excited to see Him in a different light, without conveniences, comforts, and distractions. I cannot wait to see our same God that is present here equally as present in Kenya. 

This whole process has been humbling. I feel so inadequate. But I know that the Lord will be working through me as I share His love with the people of Nairobi. My prayer is that it won't be my words that reach hearts but the Lords, and I trust He will bless the conversations we have.

So as of right now, my bags are packed with all the necessities:

1- White Vnecks, the best hanes has to offer!  2- Long skirts, compliments of Target and my sweet friend, Katie Collins!  3- Malaria pills. The scary dream kind.  4- Protein bars... Like so many. My dad had a few (lots) left over from Haiti! Better safe then sorry ya know?  5- Tall socks. I don't think this is really "required"... But if you know me at all, you know it kind of is.  6- My bible and journal, just waiting to be filled with stories.  7- Really intense bug spray that my dad had that you get at the pharmacy (didn't know that existed!), just in case the malaria pills fall through.   8- Pictures of my sweet family and friends to share with the kids in the orphanage we will be with.  9- Crafts crafts crafts!  10- All my yarn... You better believe I'm going to be teaching everyone how to knit!

I feel so blessed to be starting this journey and I can't wait to share the love and grace that comes from Jesus! I would love for you to keep reading and praying about my journey, as it will be starting tomorrow when I fly out to Dallas for a two day training! EEEKK!

I still have $1,500 to raise so if you would like to support my mission, click the "DONATE" button on the right side of my page! I appreciate everyone's prayers and financial support so much!

Ready, set........


  1. So excited to hear about your trip when you get back! Africa will always have my heart after my trip to Malawi! The Lord will use you in so many ways! Praying for you!!

  2. Praying for you sweet friend!! So so excited & happy for all the people who will get to experience your joy.