Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy fall!

My sweet friend from kamp came to visit me this past weekend! She drove all the way from Baylor to spend time with us here in AU and we got to do fun fall things! She is seriously one amazing friend and I'm so thankful we got to spend time together! Here are just a few things we think people should do more often:

1. Pick cotton. I mean really, this is Alabama. Who can say they've picked legit cotton?!? Pretty neat.

 2. Take time to relax and hop on a swing. Enjoy beautiful fall weather. 

3. Ride a tractor out to a legit pumpkin patch.

4. Enjoy a hayride in October!

5. Who needs kroger when you've got this?? Pick out your own pumpkin.

6. Enjoy the hilarity that comes with acting like you're ten years old. Haystacks. 

 7. Drive on some pretty country roads. And listen to music a little too loud.

Love Kathy. Love fall. 

Random transition, but my roomie Davis had a birthday this past sunday! Gosh this girl is so great. She is the most joyful person I've ever met and I'm so dang thankful for her. So duh, we threw a ballin bday party for her and we got super pinteresty. 

Nomnomnom- pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing and cinnamon, and melted reese cups between two pretzels! Just a little bit of the ridic amounts of desserts we made. 

Preshie preshie preshie

Even Rose put her party clothes on 

We love ya Davey!