Wednesday, June 27, 2012

belly laughin kinda joy

Laughter. The kind that makes your stomach hurt aka belly laughin'. Smiles. The ones that show all your teeth and leave your cheeks sore. Joy. The type that radiates out of your heart and pours onto others. Tears. The good ones because you know that your heart is so full. Happiness. That is so pure that it can only be from the Father. Fellowship. The community that surrounds you that is so encouraging and divinely put together by God. Love. The kind of treasure you only find in Jesus, and what a sweet day it is when you do. Peace. The calmness that God supplies your heart after you leave half of it somewhere.  

The past couple days, God has provided so much laughter, smiles, joy, tears, love, happiness, fellowship and peace. I am overwhelmed by the joy and peace I've received through all of this and so thankful for how faithful our Father is. 

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