Saturday, June 30, 2012


Safari means adventure in swahili. Which is so appropriate that we just got back from safaring in Masai Mara. It was BEAUTIFUL. We are packing all day today and saying goodbyes so this post will just be some pictures from the beautiful safari we just got back from!
Giraffes. Fave animal.

We showed up to a bunch of lions eating a wildebeest. It was a little gross but so cool.  

Cuddling. This looks straight out of lion king

Liz and the elephants!

If you watch real housewives then you will appreciate this. WE WENT GLAMPING. (Glamorous camping) it was fun/kinda scary

These are some impalas, like the car. They were real cute.

Love em.

The sky seems like it never ends. We can see for miles and miles and miles. It was beautiful and everything made me feel so small.

Just hangin with my girl enjoying the sunset

Sunrise. Equally as beautiful.


More elephants. Love em.

Hippos. They're really scary. And huge. And cool.

Our drivers name is Ken. Dad, if you're reading this, I told him your name is Ken. He told me to tell you "Hello" from Ken in Kenya.

Our set of wheels we adventured in. The coolest safari jeep.

And then we got on the plane. And it was 16 passengers, with only ten of us in there. It was so cool. So scary.

THIS MORNING WE FOUND OUT HANNAH GOT INTO NURSING SCHOOL AT AUBS. We are so excited for her and it was the perfect way to end the trip.

We're packing up and leaving today. Next time I post I'll be at home!

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