Saturday, September 10, 2011

Be young, be foolish, be happy.

The past few weeks have been crazy busy:

We went to sharptop for work crew a few weeks ago and EEEEE Drew and Ellie came and had a small concert for us! Y'all, I just love them. But what I love even more is watching them perform with each other. They are so presh. So so presh. I've gotten to see Ellie at the three younglife camps I went to in high school and three more times since I've graduated. Basically, we're buds. 

I had a sweet surprise visit this past weekend! Knox drove all the way from Waco, TX to surprise me labor day weekend and it literally made me smile so big. I love the fun and random paths that life takes you on while you're in college. And I'm so thankful for fun (although long) road trips. And SWEET sweet roomies who plan everything to help make it a surprise!

So of course we took him to the very first Auburn football game! Y'all, I'm so excited football season is here. Even if I leave the game sunburnt, with no more fingernails left, and with a hoarse voice; there's few things I love more than Auburn football. Fun fact. 

And then this past week we had a social called "psychedelic". It's the very first social I've never had to buy a costume for because I already had rando hippie stuff. It was so fun to get to spend some time with all of my sweet friends outside of the craziness of school and homework. 

EEEEEEK I've loved the past few weeks of being able to take a little break from school and I'm so glad to have my friends back and be back in Auburn. 

Until later peeps.

Love this song.