Monday, June 18, 2012


I'll start off by saying that I don't know how I'm going to be able to say goodbye to the staff and kids at the BCC in a week and a half! My time here has literally flown by, and I cannot believe that I'm already half way through my service here. It makes my heart hurt. We've been trying to change it up at the BCC by serving in new places so that we can get to know all of the staff and serve them! So this morning, Hannah and I served in the kitchen! We cut up eight huge cabbages and by the end both of us had red hands! It was really hard work, but so sweet knowing that we were able to serve the kids in a new way! I love getting to see the different ways that the staff at the BCC work. Each role is so essential in the running of this place, how often I forget the hard work of those done behind the scenes. We have two cooks who are there all the time, cutting, preparing, cooking, singing. They are so joyful though they are exhausted. The Lord provides them so much strength and joy, without them this place would not run! The cooks remind me so much of the kitchies at kamp and how hard these girls work behind the scenes. I'm thankful for the hearts who are so faithful in their service for the Lord, and for our two sweet cooks Agnis and Paul.

One of the precious cooks, Agnis, asked us to help her cut something up. We had just gotten done with some onions and carrots so we said yes (thinking it would be more cabbage or tomatoes)! Next thing we know, we are cutting up cow liver and cow heart for the stew!!! Y'all I'm not kidding, we literally cut up cow heart (that are humungous)! We couldn't stop laughing because it was so shocking (it was bleeding while we were chopping it up, Agnis says it's because the heart is so "fresh"...), and precious Agnis said "We love to eat cow heart! It is so sweet!!" And it was just too funny to not post a little something about the "sweet" cow heart we had to prepare. Pictures to come!

After we learned some more anatomy about the cow heart/liver (last week it was the cow intenstines!!), we went outside and met with the man that takes care of the cows at the BCC. He taught us how he milks the cows and he's going to let us try next week! Like what??? So crazy I'm so excited!!!

We went to church with our driver Victor yesterday for three hours! It was so amazing getting to see other people worship the same God that we do in a completely different language. The worship songs were so powerful and I had goosebumps! At times it was a little overwhelming but I am so thankful that I got to experience the Lord in a new setting, new language, new friends. Our God is so big and so good all the time.

We went shopping this afternoon and got 10 set of needles and more yarn for the sewing class! They will each have their own set of needles and yarn to begin making even more things! I was able to teach them how to make ear warmers today and we are finishing up our second scarf! God has blessed my time here so far and He has allowed me to continue to love these girls well. It is such an encouragement to hear that I am helping to empower these girls. A lot of them didn't go past primary school. They are all around my age (18-22) and just knowing that I am serving these girls well warms my heart. One of the girls, Helen, told me that she plans on teaching her mom and aunts/cousins how to knit! How neat it is to know that something that you picked up randomly (literally, I learned on youtube) is being used to change some of these girls lives! It is technically winter here, even though its 70s during the day and 60s at night. But the Kenyans think that this weather is miserably cold. You will see people in huge winter coats and hats, while we are wearing t shirts and skirts. It feels so wonderful outside, but the girls are working on knitting scarves because they are freezing!!! Zipi was so cold today that she wore socks with her sandals because "it is SO cold.... TOO cold today for me"

Sweet baby Victor came to hang in the kitchen with the girls. Note the hat and the sweater! 

Cabbage cabbage cabbage

All we do is cut cut cut no matter wut

How precious is she?!?! Sweet Agnis. "We love to eat how heart, it is so sweet!" Love her.

 Sweet babies. Always. Smiles, hearts, love em.

Tricia. That face. Precious.

Zipi, what a great lady. She really does rock. Today she asks me, "do you dance?" I said "yes!??" So she said "can you, teach me to two step? Can you teach me how to dougie?" She was being so serious. I couldn't stop laughing. She doesn't know how to dougie, she really just wanted to know. It was the greatest. She was freezing cold today. She has a sweater on, long skirt, a jacket over the sweater, that shawl thing, and socks with her sandals. Hey mom, remember when you let me where socks and sandals?! Haha love sweet Zipi!

So to my sweet supporters and friends, I want to thank you so much for your prayers and support! I would not be here if you had not supported me through prayer and financially and I thank you so much for your faithfulness in your support! My time here has not only given me the opportunity to love and serve the people of Kenya well, but God has been doing so much work in my heart as well! I thank you for time and generosity! With that being said, I still have $1,500 to raise for the rest of my trip. It seems like this will be a hard feat since I am in Kenya right now. But I believe God has me here for a reason and I see it in everyone's heart I meet here and at the BCC. I know that our God is faithful and He will provide. If you believe in this ministry that I'm doing and feel led to support my trip financially, please click on the "donate" button! You can also send a check to the Buckner office (5200 S. Buckner Blvd Dallas, TX), with it made out to "Buckner International"  and "Anna Marie Harris" in the memo blank to be tax deductible. More than anything, I ask for your continued prayers for myself, Hannah and Liz. Love each of you so so much!!!!

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