Saturday, June 9, 2012

pictures finally!

So here are some pictures from this past week of the babies, the town we're in, and our cooking adventures. Some are blurry, sorry about it!!!! 

These are some of the sweet smiles I get to see every day. Sweet sweeeeeet babies in my class!

This is the town our compound is in. It takes at least an hour to drive there every day and you eventually end up on a dirt road leading to the BCC. 

More pictures from the giraffe center! We got to feed them and eventually the giraffe people convinced us to feed the giraffe treats from our mouth. Giraffes have 25 cm long tongues. TWENTY FIVE CENTIMETERS LIKE WHAT? 


Oh hey baby giraffe, I see you!! So precious!!! Also, there is a giraffe hotel that was next door, where the people staying there get to feed the giraffes from the window. Same one I saw on pinterest!!!!! We wanted to stay there for a night until we found out it was 500 per night. 

Sweet Leonia. This is one of my new buddies. Precious little girl.

This is part of my class! Note how they are all a little blurry, the joy this class has is contagious! They never stop moving or laughing, and I am learning so so much from them. Love these babies.

The sweetest little cheeks. I am so thankful I get to spend time with these preshies for a whole month!

Today we learned how to make chipaties!!! They are the yummiest thing and is what everyone eats here in Nairobi. The chef at the BCC, Paul, is showing us how to fry them. Paul says that in Kenya "if you can't cook chipaties, you can't yet be a wife" and was being 100% serious! Liz is being so brave and frying over an open gas stove. You go girl.

Hannah and I got to roll out the dough for the chipaties with Alex. It was kind of like rolling out pizza dough, so we had fun!

Chipaties. Yum. They rock. All you need is flour, water, salt, and oil. Holla at me and I'll cook ya some!!!

We got to spend time with the children who live at the orphanage at the BCC today. They are DARLING. I'm not even kidding, these are the most precious girls ever.

Sweet Mary (7) and Elizabeth(9). I am learning so much from these sweet children who are here at the orphanage about trusting the Lord and depending completely on Him. The JOY the Lord provides at this place even though these children have tough lives is wonderful. We get to spend time with the orphanage on saturdays and sundays, and I am looking forward to going to church with them tomorrow!

Liz is such a baller and plays futbol with the guys in the orphanage! She plays soccer at Baylor and she is bringing so much joy to the futballers at the orphanage (because we all know I couldn't kick a soccer ball to save my life).

We are so so blessed to be serving here. And I'm learning His grace comes everyday, and His love and faithfulness are overflowing. So thankful.

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