Thursday, May 19, 2011

To do lists

Is it just me or do to do lists never end? I feel like I've started several and right when I think I'm about to cross everything off of it, I think of a few more things I can be doing. But, GREAT NEWS! I'm going to be leaving to work at KAMP next week, Monday morning at 5 am. I know what you're thinking, and no, I didn't spell kamp wrong because we spell everything with a K. So all you english majors, just let this slide. I'm going out to Branson, Missouri to work for the great Kanakuk Kamps. K-Kountry is the best place on earth and my heart is SO FULL thinking about how soon I will be returning. For everyone who isn't familiar with kamp, heres the sparknotes version:

You'll get some ballin co's! Forreal, barn five for LIFE.

You take literally the funniest lake trips ever. Hands down.

You'll participate in the never ending search for crawdads

And find yourself chanting "USA USA USA" like it's your job, because folks, these stripes don't run.

And maybe, ONE DAY, maybe you will get to meet the Ms. K-Kountry. Hey, I said maybe

It really is a special place where the Lord is SO evident. He is constantly reminding me of how faithful He is and I am so thankful to get to return to the KOUNTRYSIDE. These next few posts will probably be all about kamp until I return July 18th. Prayers would be so great and so would letters!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rollerblading, quite the venture

Currently, I've been looking at all of my cool friends pictures who are studying over in Europe and I think to myself, what can I do in Auburn while everyone is away? What is something that's fun, "adventurous" if you will? And then a potentially dangerous idea pops in my head. Roller blading. How is this dangerous, you may ask. Well for one, any stick, rock, or crack in the side walk is the kiss of death. I mean that. Because here I am, roller blading and minding my own business, when I approach a hill. I'm already nervous about this hill, because my brakes aren't working as well as I would've liked. And I begin to pick up speed, and again, my breaks won't work. And I am drawn back to my first ski trip where I had NO clue what I was doing and I was that girl flying down the slope because I couldn't stop. Which then draws me back to my "Intro to Skiing" class I took when I was 17. You should snake back and forth right? So I did. I went from one side of the road to the other and right when I thought it was working, I trip over a stick. Kiss. Of. Death. What came after was a little rolling, yelling, and plenty of "No, no, I'm fineeeee I promise!" Needless to say, my mom wants me to get wrist guards and maybe some knee pads. We'll see about that....

Until next time,
Adventuring in AU.

Dear Katy, thanks for being a sweet sister and holding my hand as I go down hills. You saw what happened last time. I appreciate that compassion.

What. A. Champ.

Good news folks. I definitely know what gravity is.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free fallin

So yesterday was one of the scariest days of my life. And I'm so glad it happened. A few months ago, Cecilia and I got the great idea to go skydiving. We convinced two of our friends, Joe and Jonathan, to come with us. Finally, we made an appointment to carry this out and drove to Cullman, AL and actually did it! I know what you're thinking, YOU. HAVE. LOST. IT. But, it's not true. It was amazing. 


Dear shoe,
Wherever you landed, I hope you were greeted with a warm reception. 
Sincerely, I only had you for a month. Thanks a lot.

PTL for knocking one thing off my bucket list. P.S. give some hugs to the great moms you have! Happy mothers day! P.S.S. In honor of this post, heres the two songs I was singing in my head the whole way down. True story.

P.S.S.S. who's up for hand-gliding? Holla at me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

On the Brightside

Sophomore year is ending. And as sad as I am about that, I'm so excited about this summer and what it has in store. My least favorite thing in the world to do is saying bye to friends. Least. Favorite. Thing. Ever. So as I'm saying bye to my sweet friends, I'm just going to brag on them and share just a little bit of what their summer has in store! My two roomies for next year, Cecilia and Anne Elizabeth, are working at a camp called Desoto, in North Alabama together teaching mountain biking and being really cool! My roommate from this year, Helen, IS GOING TO CHINA. For the whole summer! So so excited for her, she gets to visit her sister and brother-in-law! Sweet Davis is going to be working in South Carolina at a ballin beach making that $$$!! My two sweet friends Katie and Caroline are nannying all summer in Birmingham, and Carol's getting to enjoy her very first Alabama summer. It's great! MARIE PARSONS IS GOING TO ENGLAND. Sorry, it wouldn't be appropriate to say it in any other way. I'm so pumped for her! Mollie and I are returning to K-Kountry out in Branson, MO. Words cannot express how excited I am!

My talented friend, Sarah Kathryn Heinss, is graduating from Auburn and moving to NASHVILLE!! Holy smokes I'm so excited for her! She is one of my sweetest friends, who is beautiful inside and out! Yesterday, we took some pictures around campus (because again, she's so talented) and here are just a few. If you want to get your pictures done, she's expanding her film business to photography! Go check out her website/blog!

Just two of my favorite things at Auburn: Toomers lemonade (duh) and Samford Lawn. Even though I'm from here and I get to be around both all the time, I find my heart really missing them when I'm gone. Take a minute and go look at SK's blog, she's stinkin awesome :)

As this school year comes to a close, I am so beyond thankful for the first half of my college experience. Even though I'm half way through, and I guess a new member of the "upperclassmen", I'm thankful the Lord tells us to live day by day. So though it may seem like life is going way too fast, I'm just going to sit back, enjoy what the Lord has to come, and drink some Toomers lemonade. Until then, folks. 

Also, how cute is this video? Really cute, that's what.