Sunday, March 25, 2012


The Lord is so faithful. 

I've had this weight on my heart since I've returned from Ethiopia the summer after my freshman year to serve in some way at some point again in Africa. For the past year and a half I've been prayerful that I will be able to discern what God wants me to do and where He desires me to serve. So in December I filled out an application to serve in Nairobi, Kenya with Buckner International Missions and was recently accepted! I literally could not feel more excited and blessed to have the opportunity to serve alongside Buckner and love the people of Kenya well. I'll be gone from May 31st-July 1st, so just about four weeks, and again, CANNOT be more excited.

I'll be doing my favorite thing ever, building relationships through contact work with the people in Kenya. There are more than 2.3 million orphans in Kenya, with 1.1 million orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. And the Lord has granted me the opportunity to serve those children for four weeks this summer!

So as the coming weeks will be full of raising support, preparing my heart, finishing classes, and collecting supplies for the trip, I ask for your prayers! I cannot wait to be going back to Africa and am so thrilled to be getting the chance to serve in Kenya, but it can't be done without prayer! So I ask for your prayers as I'm preparing and during my travel there. To pray specifically in the areas of preparing my heart for this trip, for being intentional with everything that needs to be done, for the ability to love and serve the people of Kenya well, and to completely glorify God.


I'll be going through ItsYourMission !!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring adventures

I went to SPAIN this past week. 

Spain!!! It was so so cool. I was so so excited to visit Knox during spring break and he had lots of fun things planned for us to do. I was so thankful that all of our planning worked out perfectly, and I'm so thankful that I ended up being able to go! It was so cool getting to see where Knox has been living since January, his world in spain, and who all the Lord has been blessing him with as roommates, classmates, and new friends! I'm so thankful I got to spend the whole week there with my favorite boy. And I mean, lets be real, spain is just really cool too.

So right after I got to Mijas, where Knox lives, we met up with two of our kamp friends who were in Sevilla. My great friend Kathryn was there visiting her boyfriend, Brad, who is just as legit as her. And how cool is it that we were all there at the same time?!!? I'm just real thankful we all got to meet up, hang out for a bit, and bring a little bit of sweet Branson to Espana. 

 The next day, we went to the coolest place to hike in El Chorro. I'm basically addicted to pinterest now, and I pinned something that I thought looked so scary and so cool. Its called El Camino Del Rey, or the walk of the king. Its basically a narrow concrete sidewalk that was constructed between 1900-1905 ONTHESIDEOFAMOUNTAIN for the king to be able to walk around. It's so old that its begun to deteriorate and so now they have a harness system so people can still use it. It took about 2 hours to hike to, consisting of walking through train tunnels, and over bridges, to get to the place were it began. So real quick, here's the picture I pinned from pinterest, weeks before I went to spain.

 The one first picture I pinned from this blog. How cool is it that ONE Knox figured out a way for us to get there and hike this, and TWO that I pinned this same thing that Knox planned for us to do a while ago?!Anyway, El Camino Del Rey is pretty scary but I'm so glad we can say we've been now, especially now that it knocks one thing off my adventure list.

This is another look of the mountain side, as the walk continues around the corner. Again, this is so scary! And I wish I could've captured how high up we were, but just use your imagination. High cliff, long fall. EEEEEPPP

 We had such a fun day hiking outside in the beautiful countryside of Spain. It's really so dang pretty out there. After we did all of this, Knox and I headed to Barcelona for more adventuring. 

Barcelona is so pretty. Really though, we just wandered around all day, looking at all of the cool architecture of the buildings and eating lots of ham (so much ham) and lots of gelato. I'm not even complaining, it was a great visit.

We got to see the Sagrada familia, which is an 100+ year old church that is still under construction. It was so legit and so old. Barcelona was just all around really cool. Knox and I tried to eat at this restaurant that was the first place that hung Picasso's work on their walls. But, we got really lost. I mean, I guess we aren't the best with directions, kind of rookies when it comes to Spain really. So we called it a day. Maybe next visit? 

We headed back to Knox's sweet town of Mijas. This is the street he lives on, with cute white homes and a great italian restaurant two feet from his front door. I'm just saying that this is so ideal. If you keep going straight up this hill, you find yourself on a hiking trail that has several paths. SOSO ideal. 

How cute is this place? I feel like I'm in a disney park. Like this sweet place can't be real life. But it is, and Knox gets to live here for six months. 

Knox's little sister, Hannah, and her best friend Ali make it to Spain! It was so fun getting to hang out with them for the rest of the week. We went hiking the day after they got there, and got to see all of Mijas and Fuengiola. We tried about a million times to get a cool jumping picture, so we finally caught a few. There are lots of hiking trails right in Knox's backyard. Again, so perfect.

The four of us head out to Sevilla for two days. And now we end up adventuring all over. We see countless pretty old buildings, and the weather is pretty much perfect. And Sevilla is just really all around a cool town. 

There's a bridge in Sevilla where couples write their names on locks and throw the key off the bridge into the water. Cute. Cheesy. Cool. All of the above.

We spend the rest of the time adventuring around Sevilla, checking out the cool spots, and we even went to a discoteca (sp?). It was such a great visit. Even though a week wasn't at all long enough, I'm so thankful that all of our plans worked out, but mostly just thankful I got to hang out with my sweet boy, Knox, for the week. 

Long long post this week! And if you're still reading to this point, sorry if it seems to be dragging. The week in Spain was just about perfect, which makes the amount of school and finals coming up a little less stressful, leaving me with more excitement for the summer and potential adventures!

Peace out girl scout