Sunday, July 29, 2012

Until the day we meet again

During our many road trips (over 40 hours in the past month!) we've listened to numerous cds and have had our lives saved by ipod adapters to keep us singing along our drive. Knox played a song on one of our trips that left me in tears. Literally, it made me cry. It expressed so sweetly how I've felt since I've had to say goodbye to my sweet Kenyan friends. I pray for the wind upon their back, sunshine warm on their precious faces, rain that falls softly, that they find shelter in the storm, that their days on earth be richly filled with love, lots of rest, and most importantly that my sweet friends will be in heaven.

I can't listen to this song without crying! Good tears. Sweet tears. Heart aching tears.

May the wind be always at your back
And the sun shine warm upon your face
May the rains fall soft upon your field
Until the day we meet again

And the roof that hangs over your head
Find you shelter from the storm

Before the devil knows you're dead
May you be in heaven, my friend

May good luck find you at your worst
And bad love lose you at your best
May your days be rich and full of wealth
And your nights be long when you need rest

And the roof that hangs over your head
Find you shelter from the storm

Before the devil knows you're dead
May you be in heaven, my friend

And the road, may it rise to meet your feet
And be downhill all the way to your door
May the grass below be green and the sky above be blue
May it be so forever more

And the roof that hangs over your head
Find you shelter from the storm

Before the devil knows you're dead
May you be in heaven, my friend

Saturday, July 21, 2012

sunkissed with a GPS

Since being home from Kenya, Knox and I haven't stopped traveling and visiting friends. We stayed in Auburn with my family for the week after I got back. It was so good getting to relax, sleep, get over all my jetlag, and visit with my family. We have gotten to do lots of American-ish things since I've been home and I've been loving it!!
We celebrated the 4th of July. Not sure how you can get more American than that!! We made banana pancakes with blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. RED WHITE AND BLUE. It was a great day.

Going on an american-y-ish date. 

We said goodbye to my fam and drove up to Branson, Missouri. We were both missing kamp a whole lot since it was our first time not being there the past two summers. And what a joy it was to see all of our kamp friends! Lots of people were visiting at the same time as us, so we got to have a little reunion. It was basically the greatest three days of catching up and getting to hang in kamp.

We got to spend time with some of our kamp besties. Kathryn is one of my sweet friends from kamp and I am so thankful for her! She brings lots of light and laughter into a room and it was a joy getting to hang out with her and brad. The last time we saw them was in SPAIN. Crazy. Love them. Love kath.

Of course we went to Andy's right off of the Branson strip. It's kind of tradition because the only time we really talked the first summer we met was at the Andy's. That's another story.

From Branson, we drove down to San Antonio! We have been getting to spend lots of time with Knox's family and it's been great! His youngest sister, Elizabeth loves waking Knox up with laughter and tickling. She has just about the cutest smile ever. 

Shaved fruit. I'm still not convinced that it's "healthy" because it's just so good. But I'm going to tell myself that it is because IT'S THAT GOOD! So we've been there two or three times since we got here a week ago. Obsessed.

We went to the lake with one of Knox's best friends Zach. And thats how we got to the CUTEST PLACE on the planet, Gruene, TX. The only way I can describe it is Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow in Texas, with lots of cute old people and antique stores. Basically, I loved it.

We got to go sailing on Zach's sailboat. SO cool. SO legit. It rocked.

Next stop was in Austin. It was all around a great trip. We got some peach tea that was made in Fredericksburg aka Knox's new home next year.

I got to see one of my middle school/childhood besties Kallie! I was reminded of how funny and full of joy Kallie is! Loved getting to visit with her, loved Austin, can't wait to hang with this girl when I move in the spring!

So kind of big news: I GOT AN INTERNSHIP IN AUSTIN! I'll be there next spring! It hasn't really hit me yet, but I am so excited!! The Lord is so faithful in the way He opens doors and finds connections in the most random places. If you would have told me this time last year that I would be interning in Austin I wouldn't have believed you. And now it's happening! 

So needless to say, I am so excited to see what God has in store for me in Austin. I have seen God at work through how I found my internship and how He has been allowing these doors to be opened. I'll be an intern at Mission:Possible Austin. Check it out, they are so legit. And I cannot wait!!

These next few days will be full of traveling, meeting with grad schools (EEEEK), and a roadtrip to Colorado with the Schroller family! The transition from Kenya life to normal life has been interesting, but I have been blessed to have had this transition been filled with family, friends, laughter, sun (sunburn), opening doors, exciting chapters ahead, and living for the day. God is so good.

Monday, July 16, 2012


These last few weeks have been so busy! Knox and I have gone on long road trips (thats a whole other blog post) and we have been able to visit and see sweet friends. As I'm going to all these places and talking about my experience in Kenya, my heart still hurts! I miss Nairobi, the precious smiles, the constant reminder of God's presence around us, the inability to live "comfortably". So as I was missing Kenya, I read through my journal I kept while I was there and found a date where I was particularly overwhelmed and broken. Looking back and reading my prayers to God, I am able to see His faithfulness and provisions He has for each of us. Each of the cries I lifted up to the Lord was answered, and I am able to see exactly why God brought me to Nairobi. He is so good.

June 17

Quoting my devotional: "After conversion our God is our joy, comfort, guide, teacher, and in every sense our light: He is the light within, light around, light reflected from us, and light to be revealed to us. It is said that the Lord doesn't merely give light, He IS light, nor that He gives salvation, He IS salvation." 

I pray Lord that you work through me to guide lost souls to you. I don't know what that looks like. I feel so inadequate at times. I can't love enough children. I can't adopt all of the orphans. But through you, Lord, I am able to guide your babies back to you, where they find the everlasting joy and love that only YOU can provide. Only you Father. You are so good. Take control of my words. When I go home to family and friends, speak through me so that I am able to explain my experience here. Help me find words to change peoples hearts, to awaken them to you.

I've seen so much here, Lord. So much injustice, poverty, brokenness, things that have completely broken my heart. But even more than that, I've seen freedom, peace, and love. An overwhelming about of joy. I've seen so much of your light shining here in the hearts of the children at the orphanage, the hearts of the cooks that work long days, the hearts of the teachers who are filled with so much patience, the hearts of the street children that smile and wave at our car as we pass by, the hearts of the staff here at Buckner who help make our mission possible. You don't just give light to all of these people, but you are their light. I can't fix lives here or the poverty or the sin or the brokenness of man. I can't fix that there are bombings here or people dying everyday from HIV/AIDS. I can't give every child that is hungry a full belly. I can't give them light or salvation. But you can. You not only give them that but you ARE their light and salvation. You provide them salvation that they are able to look up to you and know you are storing their treasures in heaven. And I will rest in that truth. That even though I am overwhelmed at the injustice I see, you will be faithful and use each persons lives to bring your kingdom glory. You will provide salvation and the love that none of us deserve for the good of YOUR will. 

I pray that I am better able to serve and love your children. One of the sewing girls yesterday told me she used to be a street girl and during that time was addicted to cocaine. She now lives with an aunt and is able to attend this program. She says that a lot of the children that are still on the streets tell her she doesn't deserve the program or the chance at a better life. That she isn't good enough, that she will always be "bad". Lord, that breaks my heart. That she was once orphaned, that she had to live alone on the streets for far too long, that she feels inferior to her classmates, that other children have stripped away her self-confidence and worth. When I go back tomorrow, I pray you provide me with the right words to say to her. That I am able to share with her how much she is loved by YOU. I pray that she will know how much she is worth, that she was bought at a high price. How loved she is by you, God. How loved all of your children are. A kind of love that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around. A love that I can't comprehend. A love that I don't deserve at all, but you provide it anyway.

Give be strength, Lord. I am so weak and inadequate without you. Help me share the good news of your light and salvation this week.

Monday, July 9, 2012

all over the map

Hi sweet family and friends. I've safely returned home after 35 long hours of traveling. My heart hurts and my head is spinning (did this past June fly by that fast?) and I am in the middle of processing all that God has done in my life recently. I'll be updating this soon after I've been able to process everything and will put up pictures soon! Thank you so much for praying over our trip, I'm so thankful for all of you and our amazing trip wouldn't have been possible without each of you!

I'll be updating soon I promise! Knox and I just got to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH aka K-Kountry! So much joy!