Thursday, June 7, 2012

First full week!

Today marks the first full week I've been gone! It has been a busy, overwhelming, wonderful week! Yesterday I started to help out in my classroom with the three year olds! The BCC calls them the "babies" because they are the littlest class at the compound. And what a sweet class the babies are. The joy and excitement each of the children in my class have is so amazing. The teacher I help is named Janet and she is the most patient and sweet woman! I got to color and play with the babies all day and love on them! The Lord is so present in the staff and the children at the BCC and I was constantly reminded of that all day! Hannah, Liz, and I have talked so much recently about how important it is to live for the day. Carpe Diem, YOLO, whatever you want to call it, but putting your whole heart into the day and how important that is! The hours and hours I've spent planning and worrying about what's to come next is crazy. The babies live for the moment, excited for what the day brings. And the joy- the complete JOY the Lord provides them each day is wonderful! I can't wait to learn so much these next few weeks from the new friends at the BCC. (Pictures of the babies to come!!!)

 Later that afternoon I started to teach knitting with the older girls in the community. The language barrier is going to make things a lot harder than I thought but I'm excited that the girls will be able to knit things to sell on the market!! It's so cool how the Lord uses our own gifts and talents to bless others, and even though knitting is the most random thing, I'm so thankful that I can teach them!!

So today was the greatest day. WE WENT TO THE GIRAFFE CENTER. And oh my gosh. We got to play and feed giraffes and their babies and I wanted to cry tears of joy (and halfway did)! We had the day off and it was great getting our energy back. I already missed not seeing the babies today- I can't imagine how sad I'll be saying goodbye!

The Lord's presence is so evident here. I see Him working in so many ways and in all of the smiles of the people here. I can't wait to see how He continues to reveal Himself to me and would love continued prayers!!

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