Sunday, June 24, 2012


Kazuri means "small and beautiful" in swahili. This week, I have gotten to spend so much time enjoying the small and beautiful things here in Kenya as I've been trying to soak up my last few moments here. It's hard to believe that we have only two more days left at the BCC, on Wednesday we will be at an HIV/AIDS baby clinic, Thursday we leave for the safari! So I'm already getting all sad and sentimental just thinking about how we will be saying goodbye to all of our sweet friends real soon.

Here's a few pictures of the sweet and beautiful things from this week!

Class seven girls hangin out being sweet

Those precious faces

If this isn't a BCC girls clique, I don't know what is. I love this picture, it looks straight out of the movie "mean girls" or something. Divas. Love em.

We went to the animal orphanage but decided not to go in. On our way out we ran into BABOONS. They were hopping the fence and acting crazy. Baboons are not as cute as they seem. Rafiki from Lion King is WAY cuter than what these guys look like in real life.

My sweet girl Mary. If only I could take her home with me.

I got braids/dreads/I'm not really sure, this week. It was great. At kamp we have this expression "For the kids" aka YOLO aka carpe diem. This was 100% without a doubt a "for the kids" moment.

Zipi. Words can't express how much I'm going to miss my favorite sewing diva girl. And please look at those dreads. 

Thought of Robyn, Laura, and Ashlyn yesterday! They loved "The Face"so so much

We got our nails done the other day. I painted Mary's so it was only fair that she painted mine right (in super fly lime green nail polish)? It was another "For the Kids" moment for sure and AH I'm going to miss this precious girl so much.
They said "Strike a pose" and this happened. And I loved it. 

Precious babies and precious Liz. Love em.

I'm so impressed by this farm and all of the sustainable living they practice here. I'm going to miss having fresh veggies from the back yard.

The cool outdoor markets where you can BARGAIN. It was so cool, I traded a pen and two dollars and hand sanitizer for a drum. IT WAS THE GREATEST.

Having the greatest personal alarm roomie. But really, Hannah and I sleep through our alarms every morning and we have this preshie come wake us up. Love the no teeth smile. Love the headband. Love this girl.

Getting to skype with my sweet family while they are all at the beach. So sad I'm not with y'all but hope you have some fun in the sun!!!

Tomorrow and tuesday are our last two days at the BCC. Prayers would be so wonderful. 

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