Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A week of firsts

1. Sweet smiles. This isn't really a first, but these sweet babies were too cute to not post. So, kind of irrelevant to the title, but look at these faces!!!!!! This is Tricia and Jeremy, precious babies.

2. First time we made this craft today! We cut up pieces of construction paper and wrote "I am loved" on one side and the babies name on the other. We handed out the paper and my teacher, Janet, explained to them what it meant! She explained how God loves them so much, their families love them lots, and how Teacha Anna and Teacha Janet love them a whole lot too! 

Upside down, woops. The babies smile so big and love so much!

How special it is to tell the babies how much they are loved by the Father and how much we care about them! It warms my heart just thinking about how big they smiled today when we were doing this craft. 

We got to hang the craft/chain on the wall in their room. Everytime they look at it they will remember first that God loves them so so much and that we love them lots too. That way it's a constant reminder to them- they are so loved! Look how precious Mrs Janet is, I am so thankful to spend so much time with her!

3. We cooked cow intestines the other day. I couldn't take a picture. Y'all I don't really eat beef at home and WE COOKED COW INTESTINES. They look exactly like what you would think, so please just use your imagination! 

4. Liz came to hang out with our class today for a bit! This was the first time the babies got Liz all to themselves and they loved her a whole lot!! Just waving it out, showing some love!

5. This one I am so thrilled about- FIRST FINISHED SCARF!!! Y'all, the girls were so excited and proud about finishing their first scarf! It is beautiful and perfect, they will take it to the market soon to sell! How fast these girls learn, not to mention so joyful!! 

6. We made our first trail mix today!!! I guess it's technically a nut mix, but we bought a whole lot of ingredients from the store: peanuts, almonds, macadameon nuts, and raises and threw them all together in a bowl. IT IS SO GOOD! We are thinking about creating a patent for it- yep, that good.

 7. First time the girls in the sewing class did the chain craft! This time since these girls are older, they each wrote prayer requests on three different pieces of paper. The girls all come from different regions in Kenya so they speak a little english, all swahili, and then their mother tongue. They wrote the prayers in their mother tongue so that the other girls "couldn't read their requests". We hung the chain on the wall so that every time they see it, they remember God's faithfulness and that no prayer goes unheard. It's so cool how many languages there are even just in Kenya, there are 42 different tribal languages! I'm reminded of how I'm struggling to learn Swahili, how I did straight up terrible in spanish class in high school, how half the time I don't know what the girls are saying. God knows each language we speak by heart and He speaks every one of them. He is so big and universal, and understands our cries and prayers. How thankful I am that our God knows each of our hearts, our language, our cries. He listens to them all, no prayer goes unheard! 

8. First time carrying beans on our head from the store. It is harder than it looks and women in Kenya carry bags on their heads without using their hands!!!! Just casually walking around with kidney beans. "Got beans on my head, but don't call me a bean head"-Liz

Today, I got to talk to Zipi, who is in charge of the sewing room, who told me about how she had been praying that God open new doors for them. Before coming to Nairobi, she was praying they could expand their program for the girls. She told me today that they have loved knitting so much that they are going to start splitting the time during the day, half for sewing and half for knitting! She has been praying for an open door and she believes part of me coming here to teach them to knit was an answer to her prayer! It is so neat how God works, opening doors and answering prayers when you don't even realize it at the time! He is so faithful in the little things. The girls are going to start selling some of the things they knit in the market, and I'm so thankful they are able to learn ways to make profit and teach others to knit! The nurses and other parts of the BCC are coming to the sewing room to learn, it is so fun! Liz got to hang out today with the girls and I, and of course they loved her! I'm so thankful that we get to have this ministry in the BCC!

Love all of you who are praying and I ask for your continued prayers!!! If you feel led to support my trip, please click on the "DONATE" button on the right side of my page!

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