Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Y'all I'm feeling a little sick today. Headache, fever, the works. What a great reminder sent from God. I am sick and I am weak! And I CANNOT do this on my own. But I know that even though I'm not feeling well at all today, God's continued work through my service with these babies and their hearts being transformed makes it all so worth it!!!!. I'm so thankful for our Father's sweet reminders that I need to give the control back to Him. I can't serve these babies on my own strength, but the Lord's. So as my head is pounding and my energy is so low, I look forward to tomorrow! To wake up and start again fresh, just like the grace and mercies God provides for us each day. My flesh continues to fail, God continues to be faithful. He is so good.

I am so humbled by this reminder that we can do nothing, literally nothing, without our God! Sweet family and friends, prayers would be great! He is so faithful!

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