Saturday, August 14, 2010

the little things

the streetboys have changed my perspective and outlook on life forever. i'll never forget them

Ambo, Ethiopia

these two sweet little kids came to the compassion school everyday but they weren't compassion kids. their mom recently passed away and their dad had no one to watch over them while he tried to find a job... this is the day we gave them new clothes because their old ones were literally falling off of them. i saw the firsthand effect of the generosity from people at home and how it completely improves the kids lives here. 

The market in Ambo

this is sweet adam, who was in my english class. he was the happiest little boy i've ever seen, even if he has almost nothing in his name, it doesn't matter to him. they are trying to show you their prayer wheel we worked on in class 

these little girls are from the orphanage Kechene... they have been orphaned because of the aids/hiv epidemic that has hit ethiopia recently.

the women at risk.

The streets in Addis

These two sweet little girls are the kids of the women at risk.. i know that their lives have been greatly changed by their mothers being put through this program.. they get free schooling and child care while their moms go through counseling and skill training to get a job to earn money for themselves the right way.

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  1. Anna Marie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. You brought back so many memories of the trip and I'm really missing Ethiopia right now. I think we all left a piece of our hearts there. Well done.
    War Eagle.