Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leaving Nazreth

we're leaving nazreth this morning. i'm sad to say goodbye to the women because i know i probably wont ever see them or their children again. i hope that they continue down the path they are going.

when we went to the place of women at risk yesterday, we taught the women how to sew and cook... and since i can't do really either of those things... i got to play with the kids. we colored and played tag. we played this one game.. which really wasn't a game.. of me chasing them around and tickling them. the joy that these kids have is so amazing. they live for the day and they are so carefree. they just want my attention and love so much and i love being around them.

yesterday, i was sitting with about 6 or 7 of the women with the translator next to me. one of the women looked at me and smiled and said "we like you a lot" in english.. which is a big deal because none of them can speak hardly any english. then, another women says in amharic "you all treated us with respect.. more respect than anyone has ever given us" and i replied "this kind of respect is what you deserve! we only see you as women of God and that's why we respect you so much." she said "you've taught us how to love God more.. and you loved us expecting nothing in return" and it just really hit me then.

a lot of these women growing up lived a life full of people using them and wanting something in return of their love. they never loved them just because of who they are. so i replied "we loved you in this way to show you Christ's love for you." I'm so glad to see that they saw Christ in us..

I played with the children for the majority of the day and it is so funny, when you pull out your camera they all go crazy. they want to take pictures and look at all of them right after. there is this one little boy named Laght, who always sneaks on the bus right before we leave to go home with us. he jumps in all the pictures and he is going to be one heart breaker when he's older. he is the CUTEST little boy, with such joy that it's inspiring. when i was passing out cookies, it was literally a JOB to keep them away from that little boy! he was going crazy and so excited that even though i was exhausted he brought a smile to my face.

i didn't really know what to expect to learn from the women of nazreth.. and honestly i was really nervous about meeting them. but leaving here, i've gotten a taste of Christ's grace and redemption. i know that if i can look past a woman for being a prostitute, i can look past anyone's previous problems and see the person that God created and love them regardless. i'm so glad to be here and so sad to say goodbye to these women. but i know that we made a huge difference in these women's lives and i am so thankful for that.

continue to pray. it's strange not talking to anyone back home but i know that i'm here for a good reason and i know there will be plenty of time to catch up when i'm back.


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