Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let the countdown begin

In 21 days I will be boarding a plane (at 6:30 in the morning woof) to head to KENYA. I've spent so much of this year looking forward to this trip and I can't believe I'm less than a month away. So basically, I've been running a whole lot of errands and hoping that these next few weeks fly by.

My errands today consisted of getting some shots (yikes) and being prescribed NINE WEEKS of the nightmare malaria pills. Yeah folks, the side effect really is night mares. The last time I took those pills my dreams went off the deep end and it was the most bizarre thing. Another story, another post. Then I went out to my fave store on the universe, Target, where I was so thankful that long maxi skirts are "in" now. Because there was a crazy amount to choose from so I went a little crazy and bought two. 

Tomorrow, I'm heading to go thrifting because I love thrift stores and having excuses to go. So I'll get a few cool and comfy t shirts and probably other random things that I discover. I'll be collecting art and craft  donations and will hopefully be picking up donated supplies throughout the next few weeks. I am so thankful that Kenya is so soon! AH! On a not so fun note, I'm taking the GRE in 18 days. Yikes. With all of this preparation going on, I'm going to be trying to study for this "college ACT" and get in the school mind set (we'll see how that goes...) Why did I plan this right before I left again?

With three weeks left, I have $2,500 dollars left to raise. Like I said before, that is somewhat of a daunting number. It overwhelms me and intimidates me. But I'm even more thankful that this number isn't daunting to our faithful God and I am so excited to see how He is going to work in the next few weeks. Please continue to pray for the financial side of this trip and for the hearts preparing to go!

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