Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peach tea and Sara B

Driving around with the windows rolled down, drinking peach tea, and jamming out to Sara B is such a great way to kick off a relaxing day. This past week has been really busy so this break has been quite a blessing. We sent our girls in our barn 12 out on the "real deal" trip. It's a trip that the girls in our barn take once a term where they get a special day just for them. For all of the girls we have, it's their last summer at K-Kountry and they will be heading out to the older kamps, most of them to K-west. It was such a fun day driving out to BEAUTIFUL Lampy, MO where we swam on K-Wests dock and lake (shout out to my girl Carol Dav!). After, we went to the blueberry farm. This farm is the cutest place because you can go pick blueberries then take them to get rinsed and cleaned. You know what that means people, fresh blueberries. It gets so much better though because they make blueberry muffins with a little icecream and you get to eat the delicious muffins filled with blueberries you picked! What a cute idea!

One of my favorite blogs, Todays Letters, recommended this blueberry farm to my girl Mollie and myself. She worked at a kamp in Lampy and said it was a definite must. It was just as wonderful as she had described it.

This past week has definitely taught me a lot about myself. To be honest, this was a hard week with all of the busyness and heat. But I'm so thankful for that. I'm thankful for the hard weeks because I'm constantly reminded that I can't do a single thing on my own. I'm thankful for the hard weeks so that my strength doesn't come from myself but from the Lord. I'm thankful for the hard weeks because they are humbling and motivating. If you could continue praying for the kamp, for the counselors, and for the kampers that would be great! Miss everyone.


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