Thursday, June 9, 2011

He is so faithful

Y'all I'm so glad the Lord knows exactly what we need. I'm so so glad He knows what I need more than what I think I need. Eeeeeeks hope that makes sense! Kamp has been so great. It is the happiest place on Earth and it has permanently taken place in my heart. Heres a little update for all the peeps back home and all my girls in Europe/at camp!

Staff training was a full ten days. Let me tell you, it was such a sweet time to get to hang out and work along side all of my old kamp friends. I have missed them SO MUCH this past year and it was real great getting to make some new kamp buds as well. So then the day came when we were placed into barns (yes we have barns, not cabins. deeeeal). Of course, being the creature of habit I am, I wanted barn five again. I had barn five last year and fell in love, thought it was the greatest place ever. But I was still open in being placed wherever. The  Lord opened my eyes and saw me in barn twelve this year (the oldest barn at k-kountry)! At first, I was shocked. And so nervous. If anyone says that seven year olds and eleven year olds aren't that different, lets have a chat. Forreal. Because they are.

Again, the Lord is SO FAITHFUL. He knew exactly what I needed. The kampers in my barn are SO wonderful. Their walk with the Lord already at age eleven is so strong and I am convicted everyday to be an example for them and try to keep up with them. My co-counselor is the most amazing girl ever! Chelsea Courtney and I are in charge of the "real deal" which is a nick name for our barn. Just when I thought I had kamp all figured out, the Lord humbles me and sweetly reminds me that HE is in control. HE knows best. He is so faithful in that.

I'm on my very first "2-4" and I find that every topic of conversation is completely consumed with kamp and my girls in barn 12. My sweet co from last summer, Alyssa, lives right across the street from kamp so I'm getting to sleep in some A/C with one of my sweetest friends and get to hang out for the day. Isn't it so great to have a brief sense of normalcy and relax for a few hours? We will get to hang out for the day before I come back! I love the wonderful people you meet at kamp.

Heres a few things I'm obsessed with this week. 1) FEDEL, a christian rapper. Y'all he is so cool, go check him out. 2) Light purple nail polish. Hello summer time. 3) Gatorade. Or as my dad calls it "sugar water". Just the greatest drink ever invented. YUM 4) Sweet old fashion communication. Thanks right, snail mail. Send some my way out to Branson, MO please! 5) Coffee. I drank some this morning (with tons of sugar and milk in it, sorry AE). 6) Outlet malls. PTL for stores that save money.

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