Thursday, May 19, 2011

To do lists

Is it just me or do to do lists never end? I feel like I've started several and right when I think I'm about to cross everything off of it, I think of a few more things I can be doing. But, GREAT NEWS! I'm going to be leaving to work at KAMP next week, Monday morning at 5 am. I know what you're thinking, and no, I didn't spell kamp wrong because we spell everything with a K. So all you english majors, just let this slide. I'm going out to Branson, Missouri to work for the great Kanakuk Kamps. K-Kountry is the best place on earth and my heart is SO FULL thinking about how soon I will be returning. For everyone who isn't familiar with kamp, heres the sparknotes version:

You'll get some ballin co's! Forreal, barn five for LIFE.

You take literally the funniest lake trips ever. Hands down.

You'll participate in the never ending search for crawdads

And find yourself chanting "USA USA USA" like it's your job, because folks, these stripes don't run.

And maybe, ONE DAY, maybe you will get to meet the Ms. K-Kountry. Hey, I said maybe

It really is a special place where the Lord is SO evident. He is constantly reminding me of how faithful He is and I am so thankful to get to return to the KOUNTRYSIDE. These next few posts will probably be all about kamp until I return July 18th. Prayers would be so great and so would letters!

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  1. Well it is safe to say that reading your blog post makes me want to cry and I'm not totally sure why. I love you so much and I hope you have a fabulous summer!