Friday, May 13, 2011

Rollerblading, quite the venture

Currently, I've been looking at all of my cool friends pictures who are studying over in Europe and I think to myself, what can I do in Auburn while everyone is away? What is something that's fun, "adventurous" if you will? And then a potentially dangerous idea pops in my head. Roller blading. How is this dangerous, you may ask. Well for one, any stick, rock, or crack in the side walk is the kiss of death. I mean that. Because here I am, roller blading and minding my own business, when I approach a hill. I'm already nervous about this hill, because my brakes aren't working as well as I would've liked. And I begin to pick up speed, and again, my breaks won't work. And I am drawn back to my first ski trip where I had NO clue what I was doing and I was that girl flying down the slope because I couldn't stop. Which then draws me back to my "Intro to Skiing" class I took when I was 17. You should snake back and forth right? So I did. I went from one side of the road to the other and right when I thought it was working, I trip over a stick. Kiss. Of. Death. What came after was a little rolling, yelling, and plenty of "No, no, I'm fineeeee I promise!" Needless to say, my mom wants me to get wrist guards and maybe some knee pads. We'll see about that....

Until next time,
Adventuring in AU.

Dear Katy, thanks for being a sweet sister and holding my hand as I go down hills. You saw what happened last time. I appreciate that compassion.

What. A. Champ.

Good news folks. I definitely know what gravity is.

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