Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh hey birthday boy

You know those people in your lives that are just not allowed to grow up? If you could choose one age for them to be for the rest of your life, that would be just the greatest? Well this applies to my baby brother, Patrick. TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY! And I'm just taken a back. I mean, in my head, he's supposed to forever be five years old. And clearly, every time I see him on his birthday I want to tell him that he literally has to stop. He has to stay five years old. 

So, since he won't listen, and I guess since that's biologically impossible, we should definitely celebrate how awesome he has grown up to be. I'm so proud of this not so little anymore guy! 

Just the most precious little brother and sister on earth. Pat has been playing golf since he was this little and he's going to make it on the PGA tour. I'll be his manager.. or coach.. or caddy. (We'll talk later about this pat.)

Can't believe my sweet little brother is old enough to drive! On this note, everyone clear the streets, Patrick is LEGAL. Just kidding, but really Patrick, if you're reading this- click it or ticket (who am I kidding, you probably arent.. I'll remind him tomorrow)


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