Wednesday, July 13, 2011

God Bless B-town

I haven't been able to blog in the past couple weeks because time off has been hectic, but lots have happened since the last time I wrote! Only one of the greatest holidays ever, the 4th of July, took place. 
We love America at Kamp.
We really really do.

We had lots of festivities to celebrate America's birthday by watching the fireworks, eating as many ribs as you can, and enjoying a good ole bomb pop, colored red white and blue, of course. The 4th is just a great reminder of how blessed we are that we are able to freely worship our God openly. We are so blessed y'all. So so blessed.

Another ski trip has come and gone! The sun was out all day and even though it was a blazing 105 degrees on Taneycomo, it was so fun. Its weird to think that everything I've done this past term will be the last. Last ski trip, last canoe trip, last real deal trip.... Last chica dia, last few k-lifes. I'm getting sad just typing this! I'm going home soon!

This past term was the last time we were going through the themed parties. Last time we are scheduled to work at them. Y'all, this is so sad! Last chance to dress absolutely ridiculous without having to provide an explanation. 

Maybe this is a really sad post. But I'm just feeling a little sad about saying goodbye to the happiest place on earth!

Last trip to the blueberry farm, the sweetest place ever.

I'm just really thankful for this summer and I'm amazed how fast the weeks have flown by.

On that note, I'm so excited to see all my family and friends. But, the sweet smiles of my 35 kampers from this last summer will weigh heavy on my heart. Next time I update, I'll be home. Ahhhhh weird.

Until next time!

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