Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catchy blog title

The past few days, I've been avoiding this blog post. Mainly because I don't really know how to put into words what the past eight weeks has meant to me. I'm having such a hard time explaining what kamp means and what the Lord has done in my heart. So as a start, I'm just going to try to verbalize all of the ways that I'm thankful for K-Kountry. 

A lot of the things that we do at kamp doesn't make any sense to the outside world and that's why I love it. I'm thankful for this sweet place because it's a break from reality. It's a place where you become a mom of twelve in a matter of minutes; belly flops are just about the coolest thing ever; piggy back rides are common and your fingernails are always painted every color of the rainbow; sunday coffee cake breakfast is famous and asking your neighbor to pass the whiffle encourages the whole cafeteria to break into song; coloring your tooth black with a sharpie and throwing a toilet seat halfway across the lowerfields is normal, all for the hopes of creating moments of wonder; you get to look into the teary eyes of your kamper and tell her that she is LOVED and that she is made by the Maker; you have moments that make your heart smile, like when a kamper tells you that she loves kamp because "she can be herself and feel loved".

I'm thankful for the way the Lord works at kamp. You can see the Lord in everything that you do and you have to depend on Him for strength. Sometimes at home, it's hard because you can't hear Him as well. But the Lord speaks loud and clear here... I'm so thankful for that. I'm also thankful for the Lord entering our kampers hearts for the first time. Nothing sounds better than the bell ringing and seeing a kamper surrounded by counselors cheering and hearing them say, "this is what the angels are doing right now in heaven".

I'm thankful for the friends that you meet there and the cloud of witnesses that surround you. I'm so thankful for my sweet co, Chelsea Courtney. And for all of the encouraging and uplifting women of Christ that I got to work with. The Lord truly handpicks every single one of the staff members at kamp for a great purpose. 

I'm thankful that kamp makes you live for the moment. You can't plan ahead for the next day. You have to live for the day. I'm thankful that I got to take part in anything from dressing up as a tribe cheerleader with my kampers to dressing like a character from Candyland. While you're at kamp, you have to lay everything down that day. Yes, kamp creates moments of wonder but it also helps you live in that moment and appreciate every second of it.

Last but not least, I'm thankful for the joy that the Lord brings at kamp. When you feel so tired you can't get out of bed, the Lord provides that joy and strength. He gives it to all of us at kamp. He provides tons of laughter and smiles that you leave feeling like your cheeks are going to fall off. I'm thankful for that joy. So very thankful.

Kamp is a place that is so special that I know I can never completely explain. On that note, I'll leave you with this: east side, west side, get yourself to the kountryside.

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