Monday, April 28, 2014

long lost friend

This space feels like a long lost friend whenever I rediscover this thing and then am reminded how freeing it is to write out my thoughts. I was (and still am) that girl that LOVES the idea of journals. I love buying, sharing, and just the prospect of writing in them. But at the end of the day, I never finish one journal. I forget about them, lose them, then rediscover them. It's almost like a character flaw- why can't I keep track of one? Why can't I sit down long enough to write my thoughts?

Who knows. I wish I was more faithful writing in this space. But the truth is, I often don't know what to write. I don't know because I have so many thoughts flying around my brain that I don't always feel like putting into words. Sorry about that. 

But just so everyone knows, I'm still alive! And doing well. Really, really well. Knox and I have been so inspired by the people we are surrounded by in Fredericksburg. We have been challenged by these friends, encouraged to seek our passions, and it has allowed us learn new things about ourselves.

This seems so silly, but I have learned that I am a creative person. Is that strange? That at twenty three, I am just now learning that about myself? I have spent so many years feeling insecure by my lack of creativity. I can barely draw a picture of a house, let alone paint, and my hand writing hasn't changed since the fifth grade. But regardless of that, I am creative. I am a person of worth that can create things. Good things! 

I have discovered my passion of cooking and baking, and the art of creating something to bring happiness and nutrition to others. Breaking bread with others is biblical. And I just so happen to enjoy the bread baking process! It is truly an art. There have been countless times when my bread didn't rise, and my sweet hubs eats the most dense, heavy bread the following week. But then there are weeks where my pies have brought smiles to those around me, and it is just plain fun. 

All this to say, I hope to start blogging more. Not that I think my life is super important, but because I think words are. 

Dear friends, you are creative. You have something uniquely designed in each of you that MATTERS. And is just really cool. You can create neat and dear things for others. That passion is worth fighting for. Your individuality and unique goodness is worth fighting for. 

Happy monday!

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