Sunday, August 21, 2011


Great newwwssss! All of the five roomies are moved in finally! YIIPPPEE. 

We threw a birthday party for one of our sweet rooms, Cecilia. We wanted to bake something fun for her birthday so Mollie and I decided we would make icecream cupcakes. That's right. We made funfetti cupcakes (the only way to go), and put them inside of icecream cones. After that, we put them in the oven and let the cupcakes bake inside of the cone. YUM. Then we put cream cheese frosting on top. Y'all, it was so good. It looked just like a vanilla icecream cone. Tricked yaaaaa. 
How good does this look? And it was so easy!

Yum. Seriously. Huge hit.

This week, I'm thankful to have all of my roomies back in Auburn. I'm thankful school has started (nerdyyyy, judge). I'm thankful that Cecilia had her 21st birthday last week and so thankful she was born! She rocks.

SMITH STATION YL REUNITED. Yep, my heart swells a little bit when I look at this picture. Greatest team ever, I feel so blessed to be placed with them! Here's our ballin team for this year... Minus Meggers and Anna!

I mean, how cute is this dog? Or the fact that his name's Bailey? I'd love to get a dog. Really. I'd especially love if it was one of these guys-

Great danes are so cute. I mean really. So what if they're huge? I WANT ONE.

Hope everyone has a blessed week. I'll leave y'all with this video. BEN RECTOR rocks

We're buds. September 13th y'all.

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