Wednesday, September 29, 2010

coffee, coffee, diet coke, more coffee

sometimes i wonder why i'm in school and why i put so much effort in all this school work. but the other day, i was reminded of how God has a reason for everything. i'm going to travel up to NYC, NY this christmas break through a club at my school, to work in a homeless shelter for about a week. it's the opportunities like this and the doors that God opens for you (the ones you didn't even know were there), that make me so very thankful to be here. going on mission trips to places like ethiopia, it's hard for me to remember that there is SO much ministry and work to be done back here at home. and i am overjoyed and humbled to be able to work with people who have become homeless for who knows what reasons. there are so many opportunities to serve while i'm here in college. often times, i find myself feeling so frustrated that i'm stuck in the library for hours on end studying for a test.

thank goodness for days like today, when i realize how silly my complaints are, and how big our God is. for every door that He closes, He faithfully opens another that is so much better for us anyway.

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